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Perhaps I Should Explain

My wife Val and I enjoying our first warm winter in 32 years.

       My name is Jim Andersen. For 32 years I lived in a remote high-desert community which was immortalized in the book “The Town That Died Laughing”.  It was more formally known as Austin, Nevada and was tucked in at the 6,600-foot elevation of the Toiyabe Mountain range.  I believe I worked about every job in town–including deputy sheriff and judge–and finally wrote my own book titled “Lost in Austin”.  I loved the town and I loved the people and this blog is dedicated to those who wonder why folks would live way out there in the sticks and brush and snow anyhow.  Well, I have to admit I couldn’t take it:  32 brutal winters later I moved to an even smaller town near Death Valley after which I scooted east to a somewhat larger place.


But now it’s too hot.

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